MOSIN Nagant

Price for 5 bullets kits

75.00 PLN


What connects the legendary snipers of all time …? Nothing else but the tool of their work – Russian bolt action rifle: Mosin. Fin Simo Häyhä’s nickname “White Death”, during the winter wars in extreme conditions, at temperatures up to -40 °C killed more than 500 Red Army soldiers. The russian rifle was also used by Vasily Vasilyev. He was considered one of the most effective snipers of all time in military history. Try this legendary weapon and feel like Jude Law in the film “Enemy at the Gates,” which played the main role of the Russian sniper – Wasilij.

Model / version 1891/30 sniper
Manufacturer Russia / USSR (CCCP)
Caliber 7,62 x 54 mm R
Magazine capacity 5
Equipment scope / steel, wood
Weight 3,9 kg


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