POF-USA / P 308 rifle

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This rifle belongs to the AR15 family and it is produced by the American company POF-USA (Patriot Ordnance Factory). What is characteristic about this weapon is its significant stability while shooting. The rifle is known as the sniper support rifle.

Model / version P 308 EDGE / barrel 14,5”
Manufacturer USA / Patriot Ordynace Factory
Caliber 7,62 x 51mm NATO (308 WIN)
Magazine capacity 10 or 20 pieces
Equipment Vortex Viper PST II 5-25x50FFP scope
Weight 4,3 kg (without magazine)

1 review for POF-USA / P 308 rifle

  1. Brian

    Heavy, accurate and controlled recoil! Was a pleasure to fire!! Highly recommend trying this!

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