About us

The grotgun company was founded in 2006, and its main task was to introduce this unique sport to the average “mortal”. It was founded by two experienced enthusiasts: Rafał Jarosz i Wiesław Sioda. Their main target has become – to spread of this form of active leisure among amateurs of strong impressions, thus overturning the commonly held belief that there is an “entertainment” reserved exclusively for uniformed services or athletes.

Grotgun’s offer is addressed to the organized tourist groups and individual people. Shooting is the perfect idea to organize a corporate event. With this discipline you can easily see which of your employees are highly focused – because this is what makes a person a good shooter. Shooting of firearms is an ideal form of entertainment for individuals – provides an easy way to de-stress, forget about the everyday world and teaches humility and the pursuit of perfection.

Grotgun company makes available a wide range of firearms for customers, including pistols – Glock, H&K, CZ, rifles – AK-47 known as the Kalashnikov, shotguns, revolvers and many other rare weapons. Also unique Desert Eagle Titanium Gold 44 Magnum.