FN Five-seveN pistol

Price for 1 bullet

15.00 PLN



This is a legendary Belgian pistol that uses very powerful ammunition namely intermediate carbine cartridge. It is equipped with aming module by SureFire model X 400 (flashlight and laser pointer). It used to be called the policemen killer as it would shoot through bullet-proof vests and helmets. Today the pistol is used only by special forces. It is also one of the only two weapons in the world (the other being FN P90 submachine) that uses ammunition of this caliber.

Model / version FN / Five-seveN
Manufacturer Belgium and USA / Fabrique Nationale d'Armes de Guerre – Herstal
Caliber 5,7x28 mm (SS190)
Magazine capacity 20 pieces
Equipment steel, plastic
Weight 0,74 kg (loaded)
Other the legendary pistol of the best special forces. Huge punching power.


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