BERYL rifle version 96

Price for 10 bullets kits

80.00 PLN



Poland has something to boast about!
Beryl is an assault rifle, manufactured in Radom’s Arms Factory  called “Łucznik”, mainly for infantry divisions, landing troops and other types of forces. Characteristics…? A specific magazine made of transparent plastic for demonstration purposes and a trigger mechanism with a fire switch that allows single fire, three-shot and continuous fire. Try it out, on the grotgun shooting range!

Model / version BERYL / 96 version, full auto
Manufacturer Poland / "ŁUCZNIK" Armory Radom
Caliber 5,56 x 45 mm NATO (.223 REM)
Magazine capacity 30 pieces
Equipment steel, plastic
Weight 3,5 kg (with empty magazine)
Barrel length 457 mm
Other currently on the equipment of the Polish Army


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