Pistolet FN model X45

FN X45 pistol

This is a modern and exclusive pistol completed by holographic sight and SureFire flashlight. At present it is used by only one unit which is the Executive Office of the CIA.

Pistolet FN model Five-seveN

FN Five-seveN pistol

This is a legendary Belgian pistol that uses very powerful ammunition namely intermediate carbine cartridge. It is equipped with aming module by SureFire model X 400 (flashlight and laser pointer). It used to be called the policemen killer as it would shoot through bullet-proof vests and helmets. Today the pistol is used only by special […]

Pistolet CZ model P-10C

CZ P-10C Pistol

This weapon is manufactured by Czech firearms factory (Ceska Zbrojovka). CZ Pistol model P-10C has become an equivalent to Glock 19 and what is more, it fits the holsters of Glock 19. It has been given a nickname in the USA which is Glock Killer.

Pistolet TAURUS model CURVE 180

US CURVE 180 pistol

This is a mini pistol (subcompact) of the American production and it is very practical for concealed carry. Due to its construction it was designed mainly for the right-handed shooters. It is completed by flashlight and laser sight.

Pistolet Colt 1911

Colt 1911 Pistol

The legendary American production pistol, designed by John Browning in 1900 and slightly altered version produced to this day. In 1911, Colt entered the American Army, where it maintained position until the 1980s. According to American sources, more than 3 million copies of this weapon have been produced! From a constructional point of view, Colt […]