Submachine gun Mp5 A3-B&T (automatic)

Price for 10 bullets kits

70.00 PLN



This machine gun of german production is used by the most elite troops and police forces around the world (ie SEALS – Special Forces of the American Navy used – H&K MP5 variants).In Poland, commonly used in most special groups, such as: GROM – Special Military Forces, FORMOZA – Naval Special Operations Unit or CBŚ – Organizational Unit of the Police Investigative Service. The MP5 is well suited to fire with a single fire and a slight perceptible rejection! Try the gun at our shooting range, and you will definitely become a fan of it!

Our version is equipped with the EOTECH 552 collimator viewfinder.

Model / version Mp5 / A3 - E6
Manufacturer Switzerland, Germany / Brugger & Thomet AG
Caliber 9x19 mm NATO / Parabelum / Luger
Magazine capacity 30 pieces
Equipment tactical flashlight / plastic and steel
Weight 2,880 kg (with empty magazine)
Other legend in its class


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