H&K USP 9 pistol

Price for 10 bullets kits

50.00 PLN



Universal Self-loading Pistol (USP) is a relatively young weapon, but used from the very beginning in elite special units, GROM, SEALS. It is located on the armory of the German police; it’s also used by the Warsaw City Guard. It was used in many action films: Underworld: Evolution, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – Cradle of Life or Blade II. It is not surprising that this weapon also participated in many popular games such as Tomb Raider, Resident Evil or Call of Duty 4.

Available H & K USP gun models at grotgun: H & K USP.

Model / version Heckler & Koch / USP 9 standard
Manufacturer Germany / Heckler & Koch
Caliber 9x19 mm NATO / Parabelum / Luger
Magazine capacity 15 pieces
Equipment plastic and steel
Weight 0,720 kg (without magazine)


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