TT Pistol

TT pistol – known in Poland under the name of “tetetka” firmly established its position during World War II. “Tetetka” in 1930 won a gun contest for the Soviet army, and was used mostly by officers. The disadvantage of this weapon was the lack of adjustable fuse, and the only way to secure it was to immobilize the trigger. Many TT guns were also produced, due to the low quality of the materials and the hasty handling of the parts, which were very unproductive. On the other hand, the advantage of the TT gun as a military weapon was the large penetration of his strong ammunition (it could pierce the target without causing serious injury). Before the bullet fired from Tetetka protects only – ballistic vest: class NIJ-IIIA. Point and shoot the metal target on our firing range with a TT pistol!

Project Details




7,62 x 25


854 g

Barrel length