It’s a weapon whose main use has become shooting of lockss, from a very close distance (as from a distance, it is very inaccurate), and which under favorable circumstances, it is suitable to incapacitate an attacker without firing a shot … Is the method (shot – swivel,  shot – swivel) possibile…?  Reloading shotgun,  when it’s helding in one hand (presented by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie Terminator). According to us – it’s a bluff, and if you do not believe us … then check on your own how strong recoil has got a pump action shotgun, already with a lightly pressed weapon to the arm. Hasta la vista, baby!

Available models of shotguns in the grotgun company: Shotgun Pump: Mossberg 500A, Benelli M3, Escort, and semi-automatic shotgun: UZKON TR 100.

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