Revolver Gward cal. 38specjal

At present, guns almost completely suppress wild west guns, but still, their advantages and disadvantages are still being compared. A revolver versus a pistol …? This is possible! Find out for yourself whether the statements made about the overwhelming advantages of the weapon, invented by Samuel Colt in 1831 for self-replicating weapons, are right. These include: reliability (very rarely jams); firing speed of the first shot (does not require deprotection and reloading), ammunition control (possibility of previewing ammunition in the cylinder). What’s important: the revolver is much safer compared to a gun and giving a random shot.

Revolver Gward .38 Special is the only mass production revolver, manufactured in Poland with a total production of only 2000 units.

Project Details




9 mm


1000 g

Barrel length

63,5mm lub 101,6 mm