PPSh sumbmachine gun

This is a Soviet machine gun called “pe-pe-sha”. It was a weapon that was equipped with the Red Army during the Second World War. Many PPSz guns, during wartime, fell into the hands of german soldiers who gladly used them in their fight. The distinctive, high-capacity replacement tumbler magazine: 70 rounds, has also come up with an alternative – a 35-round magazine. It is worth mentioning that while conducting a longer fire, “the pe-pe-sha” barrel heated to high temperature (under the influence of heat metal increases the volume) – so cooling of the barrel was in this case necessary.

“Straight from the War”: Stalin forbade the mass production of machine guns for long, because he claimed it was a weapon for American gangsters!

Project Details




7,62 mm


4150 g (with box magazine) 5400 g (with drum magazine)

Barrel length

243 mm