Pistolet FN model X45

FN X45 pistol

This is a modern and exclusive pistol completed by holographic sight and SureFire flashlight. At present it is used by only one unit which is the Executive Office of the CIA.

Pistolet FN model Five-seveN

FN Five-seveN pistol

This is a legendary Belgian pistol that uses very powerful ammunition namely intermediate carbine cartridge. It is equipped with aming module by SureFire model X 400 (flashlight and laser pointer). It used to be called the policemen killer as it would shoot through bullet-proof vests and helmets. Today the pistol is used only by special […]

Pistolet Maszynowy THOMSON model M1A1

THOMSON M1A1 submachine gun

Thomson is a submachine gun of the American production also known as the Tommy gun. It was used during the Second World War by the American soldiers. After the war Thomson became the favourite weapon of the American mafia. The gun is still much desired today and the price of one model can be even […]