Instruktor Wiesław Sioda

Wiesław Sioda

Nickname: GENO

  • 14-time Polish champion in dynamic shooting according to IPSC rules. in the STANDARD division.
  • 2nd place in the judges’ match at the IPSC World Championship 2012 on Rhodos.
  • Chairman of the Polish organization of judges IPSC NROI POLSKA (National Range Officer Institut).
  • Long-time head of the sport shooting club and defense sports of the SQUAD National Defense League.
  • Member of the board of the LOK in Krakow.
  • Co-organizer of the largest IPSC competition in the world: the EXTREME series.


  • Sports and defense training instructor – both UKWIT and LOK.
  • Member of the International Range Officer Association (IROA) of the international IPSC referee organization with the rank of CRO (Chief Range Officer) and SO (Stats Officer).
  • Judge of the Polish Sport Shooting Association in rank – a judge of the state class.
  • Judge NROI Poland – Range Master.

Favorite target: Pepper popper (a large piece of metal falling down slowly after hitting).
Favorite weapon: CZ-75 TS; 40 S&W – caliber weapon.
Interests: Piloting a helicopter, riding a motorcycle.