Instruktor Rafał Jarosz

Rafał Jarosz

Nickname: BAZYLI
Successes: 6th place in the national ranking IPSC shooting: production class.

  • Instructor of sports and defense shooting (both UKWIT and LOK).
  • Sports instructor – specialty: ju-jitsu.
  • Recreational instructor – specialty: self-defense.
  • Judge of the Polish Sports Shooting Association in the II class rank.
  • IPSC judge in the rank of RO (Range Officer).

Favorite aiming: IPSC and IDPA targets and much more.
Favorite weapon: H&K USP pistol – reliability in all conditions, universal. Suitable for sport and also for work in protection. Rifles: all from the POF-USA family.


  • Personal Protective Worker – a member of IBA (International Bodyguards Association).
  • Sailor of the international specialization of the Ship Security Officer (SSO), Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO), certificate (STCW) and anti-pirate.
  • Sports and combat systems – self-defense (ESDS, BAS3, COMBAT56).