Instruktor Jerzy Cichalewski

Jerzy Cichalewski

Nickname: CICHAL
Successes: “I learned to use the gun properly and still have not shot myself. ”

  • A qualified security worker.
  • Member of the International Bodyguard Association.
  • Board member IPDTA Poland.
  • Instructor of the International Police Defensive Tactics Association.
  • Instructor of security tactics.
  • Instructor of tactics and intervention techniques of City Guards.
  • Instructor: Combat Ju Jutsu & judo, budo, self-defense, telescopic batons.
  • Coach of Ju jutsu
  • Explosive Self Defence System instructor.
  • Shooting instructor.
  • Point Shooting instructor.
  • Specialist in the protection of people, tactics of intervention, tactics of protection, situational shooting.

Favorite target: “I do not have a favorite target… apart from holy peace but it’s too hard to hit.”
Favorite weapon: Walter P99 – “because I have it”. Stieczkin – “because it is excellent and I tried it” . Mauzer C 96 – because that weapon had Janek from the movie “Four tank-men and a dog” … and “many other weapons of different kinds because I like to shoot”.

  • Martial arts and warfare; bodyguarding.
  • Winter sports.
  • Teaching people at risk – personal security tactics.
  • Chinese and natural medicine.