Instruktor Rafał Jarosz

Rafał Jarosz

Nickname: BAZYLI Successes: 6th place in the national ranking IPSC shooting: production class. Permissions: Instructor of sports and defense shooting (both UKWIT and LOK). Sports instructor – specialty: ju-jitsu. Recreational instructor – specialty: self-defense. Judge of the Polish Sports Shooting Association in the II class rank. IPSC judge in the rank of RO (Range Officer). […]

Instruktor Wiesław Sioda

Wiesław Sioda

Nickname: GENO Successes: 14-time Polish champion in dynamic shooting according to IPSC rules. in the STANDARD division. 2nd place in the judges’ match at the IPSC World Championship 2012 on Rhodos. Chairman of the Polish organization of judges IPSC NROI POLSKA (National Range Officer Institut). Long-time head of the sport shooting club and defense sports […]

Instruktor Wojciech Gadowski

Wojciech Gradowski

Nickname: WOJCIECH Successes: Zero accidental shootings. Permissions: Instructor of combat, sports, training shooting. Range officer IPSC. Lecturer of vocational subjects – in non-school forms of education / permissions of the Ministry of Education. Favorite aiming: Cold watermelon on a hot day, possibly 2l Pepsi bottle – strongly shocked. Favorite weapon: “Guns made in Israel – […]

Instruktor Wiesław Demartin

Rafał Demartin

Nickname: FRANCUZ Successes: Participated in many shooting competition in Krakow, Warsaw and Zabrze. Permissions: Shooting instructor. Favorite aiming: Playboy bunnies 😉 Favorite weapon: CZ P-09 Pistol and machine gun: CZ SCORPION EVO3. Hobby: Fast riding on a motorcycle.

Instruktor Jerzy Cichalewski

Jerzy Cichalewski

Nickname: CICHAL Successes: “I learned to use the gun properly and still have not shot myself. ” Permissions: A qualified security worker. Member of the International Bodyguard Association. Board member IPDTA Poland. Instructor of the International Police Defensive Tactics Association. Instructor of security tactics. Instructor of tactics and intervention techniques of City Guards. Instructor: Combat […]

Instruktor Adam Włoszewski

Adam Włoczewski

Nickname: MAJOR Successes: “In the forefront”. Permissions: Shooting instructor. Sports Shooting Judge: 2nd class. RO Judge in Dynamic Shooting. Parachute jumper. Favorite target: It is important that the target does “not swing”. Favorite weapon: GLOCK 17 – Reason? Because it’s not complicated. Rifle – adapts to the battlefield … Hobby: Helping people to solve their […]

Instruktor Karol Szcześniak

Karol Szcześniak

Nickname: KAROL Successes: All participants survived. Permissions: Shooting instructor. Pjir parachute instructor. Padi rescue diver. Paramedic. Favorite target: Big clear target without “no shoot”. Favorite weapon: American, thundering – black stick. Hobby: Skydiving. Fast driving of cinquecento.